A strong and complementary partnership

Ukrainian Center for Social Reforms is a non-governmental non-profit organization. The personnel are formed by researchers, who have been working together since 1992 and have realized 118 scientific projects, including 52 projects supported by international organizations.

The activities of the Center focus of efforts of scholars and experts in social policy and social protection, including reforming of social security system, pension system, privileges system, social assistance system. Scientific recommendations of the Center, provided to the governmental bodies (Administration of the President of Ukraine, Government of Ukraine, Ministry of Finances, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry for Family and Youth, State Statistics Committee of Ukraine), are based on the complex investigations of living standards of the population, labour market development, regional human development and demographic situation, as well as on analysis of the state social policy and search of ways of its improvement.

Licenses to conduct business - registration documents, tax registration certificate, etc.

EDRPOU 26189638, registration certificate number of the public organization 0107-2002 GA 657817 dated 31.05.2002

Independence and objectivity

UCSR is an independent company from an ideological, political, religious and economic point of view.UCSR is not tied to any industrial or financial group as well as from any state structure, which allows its staff to perform with the required independence and full objectivity.

UCSR only accepts missions in which it has expertise and undertakes to do everything possible to successfully complete the work it is entrusted with within the given time limits and in accordance with good engineering practice.

Our areas of expertise

UCSR's expertise covers the following:

Relevant expertise in realizing studies and diversified experience

The scientific outputs of the UCSR include complex long-term demographic projections, projections of economically active populations, estimation of the demo-economic potential of the Ukraine, gender studies, researches of labour migration, including non-registered one, the first Ukrainian investigation of poverty, development of methodical approaches to social stratification of the population, investigation of inequality and incomes distributions, estimation of efficiency of privileges and social benefits, modeling of the state support of the poor population with purpose of raising of efficiency of social security system, complex analysis of self-employment in the Ukraine

The main methodical innovations include: methods of poverty estimation, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, methods of the regional human development estimation, approved by the joint session of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, methods of integral estimation of unemployment; model of the mandatory pension system

Our fields of activity

  1. development the system of social insurance, system of working privileges and the taxation of incomes bases reforming;
  2. a problem of an inequality and distribution of incomes research life;
  3. research on gender issues and gender stereotypes;
  4. complex researches of the population living standards, demographically situation, development of a labor market, regional aspects of human development;
  5. development of complex demographic forecasts, forecasts of number and structure of economically active population;
  6. research in sphere of institute of the social assistant income forgetting;
  7. the complex analysis of self-employment population;
  8. modeling of the population bases of social protection;
  9. the analysis of the state social policy and development its improvement propositions

Our clients

118 contracts

We have 118 contracts, 52 from them is executed on the order International organizations.

The Center cooperates with international organizations scientific in particular UNDP, World Bank, ILO, ETF, UNFPA, IOM, UNISEF, programms Ѳ, Deutsche Gesellschhadt fur International Zusammenarbe GIZ Landwsburo, World Food Programme, UNHCR Representation in Ukraine. The experts operate with editorials on social problems of newspapers The Mirror of week, Day, Work and the salary with agency Ukrinform.

Manpower and backstopping

The resources to ensure prompt implementation and quality work

UCSRs permanent staff is comprised of socio-economists, development experts, engineers, finance specialists, human resources specialists and senior managers.

UCSRs managers include professional development specialists with considerable field experience, with a demonstrated knowledge of financing mechanisms in social sectors.

In addition his own staff, UCSR has built stable working relations with a large number of consultants.

Human Resource support

The personnel UCSR have participated in preparation of 4 thematic reports within the Annual Messages of the President of Ukraine to the Parliament of Ukraine, in development of the Program of Poverty Overcoming in Ukraine, of the Law of Ukraine on Social Standards, in preparation of the National Reports on Human Development, on position of families, women, children and youth in Ukraine. During 1992-2018, the results of scientific investigations have been presented in over 150 publications and at over 90 scientific conferences and seminars.

Technical support

The technical departments provide the following continuous support to projects and staff:

Logistical support

UCSRs Logistics Department provides project teams with the whole range of procurement services, from the identification of suppliers and the issue of calls for tenders, to the purchasing and shipment of any kind of equipment and spare parts as well as customs clearance, in full compliance with the donors procedures.

The personnel of UCSRs Logistics Department is highly experienced in dealing with projects financed by the World Bank. They are very familiar with the corresponding regulations and procedures.

Logistical support concerns mainly:

The arrival of experts on site: handling of work papers, shipping of personal belongings, arrangements for housing and personal transportation, etc.;

Buying and shipping of the equipment needed for the project;

Organization of the staffs repatriation in the event of a problem.

Administrative and financial support

UCSR provides its experts with administrative and accounting support, mainly in the following areas:

The writing of contractual documents;

The financial management of contracts (deposits, billing, collection, etc.);

Response to the missions demands and transmission of information.

Thanks to its well-known financial soundness, UCSR is able, from the beginning of a project, to guarantee its teams a permanent financial support (housing rental and furnishing, advances, per diem for short-term missions). As a result, UCSR can, when need be, call up its experts before getting the contracted advance. This is especially important when seeking to accelerate the implementation of some of the projects actions.

Quality Control

Quality is the responsibility of all our consultants and staff. The Client is the final arbiter of our service quality. As such we will ensure that we fully understand customer needs, seek to exceed expectations in meeting such needs, seek the Client's feedback on our performance and act appropriately on it.

The Quality Control Manager is specifically in charge of checking the quality of all documents issued by UCSR.

Address: Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, 60, Kyiv, Ukraine 01032, Tel/Fax: +38(044)486 90 97